3 Series Hearing Aid

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Starkey hearing aids are known for their advanced technology which is why the new 3 Series hearing aid is so popular. Featuring some of the most advanced line of wireless technology ever used in a hearing aid, the 3 Series will change the way you live your life!

The 3 Series Wireless hearing aids integrate with wireless remote controls, cell-phones, MP3 players and other wireless devices with Bluetooth® capability. 3 Series hearing aids come with all the features you would expect in a premium-technology instrument: noise reduction, wind noise protection, feedback elimination, binaural aid-to-aid communications and directional microphones.

Easily connect to wireless electronics combined with the Starkey SurfLink accessories or enjoy going out to a noisy restaurant and actually being able to hear the person sitting across from you again! The 3 Series hearing aids make enjoying the little things in life possible.

The 3 Series hearing aids offer the following features:

  • Reduce listening effort in noisy environments
  • Improve listening to music and TV without turning up the volume on the radio or TV itself
  • Enhance phone calls/hands free calling
  • Virtually eliminate whistling and buzzing
  • Customized for your ears for a comfortable fit

A precision microphone provides for speech recognition and noise reduction with the ability to decipher between meaningful noise and background noises. It also uses sound compression, high frequency, and ear-to-ear 3D technology to accomplish an easy listening experience. 3 Series hearing aids truly give users a personalized feel. Through personalized programming settings users can always listen to the volume that is most comfortable for them while knowing they have some of the most reliable and powerful hearing aids on the market. This hearing aid is water resistant and extremely durable for a long lasting lifetime of use without wearing out.

3 Series hearing aids are available in multiple colors including skin tones and fun colors for children. They are also available in many different styles including behind-the-ear, receiver-in-canal,  completely-in-canal, in-the-canal-, and in-the-ear. With so many style choices you are bound to fall in love with the 3 Series hearing aids.