Xino Hearing Aid

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Starkey Xino is the biggest attribute to Starkey’s X Series of hearing aids, yet it comes in the smallest package. Xino is Starkey’s smallest receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid. Based on the popular Starkey X Series, they are equipped with powerful digital X series processors, and provide hearing improvement up to 70 decibels (with the AP model) while remaining virtually invisible behind your ear.

This hearing aid is known to many as the ‘hero’ of the line because it offers a powerful punch to hearing loss without compromising on comfort, style, or durability. Xino’s motto is that good things come in small packages and this small hearing device has advanced technology ringing the Xino motto true! Xino is a mini receiver-in-canal with a long lasting battery.

The Xino hearing aid offers the following features:

  • Improve users hearing in loud environments
  • Eliminate whistling
  • Enhanced phone conversations
  • Long lasting 10A battery
  • Sound compression technology to help filter out background noise

As a hearing aid designed to always give you the best listening experience, Xino will be with you every step of the way including in loud environments. Xino comes in different power levels so users can always have what they need and want out of a hearing aid.

  • Xino i70/70: Bringing in the essentials of the Xino hearing aid this is a great hearing device for those in one on one settings. This can be helpful for day to day activities at work like meetings or catching up with a friend.
  • Xino i90/90: This hearing aid is a mid level power hearing aid in the Xino line up. It makes a great tool for those who find themselves in louder situations a bit more frequently than those who wear the i70. The i90 can be extremely helpful in situations such as large dinner parties or holiday parties, talking to a friend at the mall, and so on.
  • Xino i110/110: This is the highest performance level Xino hearing aid. It works in extremely noisy settings including theatres and busy restaurants. Having the i110 with you will help you enjoy a busy fast paced life around you!