Take our 5 Minute Hearing Quiz

//Take our 5 Minute Hearing Quiz
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Mid America Audiology Group offers a wide variety of hearing aid styles, colors and levels of technology to improve your hearing. We offer small devices that fit discreetly into your ear canal and modern, open-fit models that are almost invisible. Hearing aids use sophisticated technology to meet your unique needs and lifestyle. The majority of hearing aids can also pair to Bluetooth devices.

We will schedule a hearing aid consultation and work with you to help you select the device that best suits your lifestyle and hearing loss. The features you choose should enhance the activities you enjoy to do the most.

Hearing loss develops gradually, so you may have a hearing loss and not even know it. This simple hearing quiz will help you determine if you show signs of a hearing loss. Ask yourself the following questions and view your results!

1. Do people around you seem to mumble?*


2. Have you ever been embarrassed because you couldn't hear or misunderstood something being said?*


3. Do you often ask people to repeat themselves?*


4. Do you have trouble hearing on the telephone?*


5. Does your family or friends complain that you play the TV or car radio too loudly?*


6. Is it hard to hear when you can't see the speaker's face?*


7. Do some people say that you speak too loudly?*


8. Have you ever experienced ringing in your ears?*


9. Are conversations in restaurants or crowded places difficult?*



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