Hearing Aid Fitting

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Hearing Aid Programming

Digital hearing aids have numerous parameters that can be adjusted to more accurately accommodate the patient’s hearing needs. It is necessary to customize the hearing aids specifically for hearing loss and needs of each patient. We will verify the hearing aid is best fit for the acoustics of the patient’s ear.

Review of Your Hearing Aids

  • Inserting and removing your hearing device
  • Cleaning and caring for your hearing aids
  • Hearing aid batteries

Trial Period

All hearing aids and accessories are fit with a 30-day trial period that begins upon receipt of aid(s). You will be seen back in our office for a follow-up appointment after the initial fitting of the instruments in order to make any necessary fine-tuning adjustment and address any of your questions or concerns. If you decide not to keep your hearing aid(s) after the 30-day trial period, you will be refunded the cost of the hearing aids minus your hearing aid deposit.